Description: Civil War Battle Background; Lots Of Voices, Guns And Explosions.

Description: Soldiers Marching with Horses; Long Take Of Platoon Of Civil War Soldiers Marching On Grass Field. Fast, Heavy Pace With Lots Of Small Metal Gear Impacts. Also Contains Intermittent Horse Whinny’s. Medium Perspective.

Description: Soldiers Marching with Horses; Mounted Soldiers Pass By Slowly. Calm Hoof beats, Gear Movement, And Subdued Soldier Walla As Cavalry Passes In From Medium Distant To Close Perspective And Away Again.

Description: Multiple Weapons Fire Simultaneously. Use For Battle Background. Stereo.

Description: Infantry Roars 8; 1000 Men Roar And Bang Weapons Aggressively, Extremely Wide Perspective.

Description: Infantry Roars 3; 1000 Men Roar, Whoop And Bang Weapons Aggressively, Medium Perspective, Some Chanting Near End.

Description: Battle Scene: Angry Hand To Hand Combat; Group Of Men Yelling Loudly With Angry Urgency. Battle Scene Voices With No Battle Background. Close Perspective.

Description: Army Dining Room Walla Loop.

Description: Infantry Zulu Chant 2; 1000 Men Rythmically Chant The Word Oooh!, Then Bang Shields Rythmically - Quickly Moving Into A Chaotic And Violent Crowd Roar, Medium To Close Perspective.

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