Description: Long, Slow Wood Creak ( I.e. Pull Nail Out ) .

Description: Funny Repetitive, Rapid, Metal Squeaks ( I.e. Pumping Or Rolling Motion ) .

Description: Rapid, Metallic Squeaks ( I.e. Wheel Rolling Or Pumping Sound ) [stereo].

Description: Rapid, Metallic, High-pitched Squeaks ( I.e. Object Swings Rapidly Back & Forth Or Pumping ) .

Description: Medium Speed, Rolling Creak ( I.e. Wheel Rolling ).

Description: Several Squeaks with Rocking Motion ( I.e. Teeter Totter Or Funny Machine ) .

Description: Small Squeaks with Water Bubbles ( I.e. Drowning Bird Or Small Animal ) .

Description: Long, 'laughing', Metal & Wood Squeak. ( I.e. Turning A Rusty Object Or Heavy Object with Great Strains ).

Description: Four Short, Back & Forth Type, High Pitch Reverberant Wooden Creaks.

Description: Four Short, Back & Forth Type, Reverberant Wooden Creaks. Then Same, But Higher Pitched ( I.e. Nail Pull ) .

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