Description: Spooky, Reverberant, Banshee Moans with Metallic Tone In Background - 3 Types.

Description: Funny Man Yawns with Inhale, Stretching Groans & Big Yawn - 6x.

Description: Funny Man Snoring Snort, Train, Tweety Whistle, Pop, Whistle.

Description: Funny Man Crying - 'boo-hoo' Type - 3x.

Description: Party Noise with Toy Horns, Rattles & Various Party Favors - No Talking ( I.e. New Years Eve Party ).

Description: Funny, Medium-high Pitched Man Laughs Hysterically.

Description: Man Laughing - Becomes Hilarious Toward Tail ( I.e. Forced Laughter ) .

Description: Big Bar Fight with Glass Shatters, Wood Breaks & Some Yells.

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