Description: Horse Walking, Medium Speed, Foley Effects.

Description: Horses In Stall, Irritated Whinnies, Hoof Stomping Against Stall Medium Cu, Other Irritated Horses In Background.

Description: Horse In Stall Whinnying Loud Medium Cu W Snorts And Grunts And Sound Of Hooves Clopping.

Description: Horse Whinnies, Stomps Medium Cu, Interior Pov W Other Horses Whinnying, Stomping In Background.

Description: Horses Whinnying, Stomping Cu, Interior Pov W Horse Whinnying, Stomping In Background.

Description: Horse Whinnying, Snorting Very Cu W Short Breaths.

Description: Horse Chomping At Bit Cu W Chewing, Short Breaths.

Description: Horse Trotting, Chewing At Bit Cu W Steady Breathing.

Description: Horse Galloping Cu W Heavy, Rhythmic Breathing.

Description: Horse Clicking Hooves On Hard Surface Cu W Half-turn.

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