Description: Wolf Howls. Several Wolves Howling Separately And In Unison, Light Cricket Background. Close Perspective.

Description: Hyena, Spotted Laugh, Moan. Group Of Hyenas Laughing And Moaning. Close Perspective.

Description: Wolf Pack Howling, One Starts And Then They Build To Crescendo.

Description: Single Dog Barking Cu, Angry Growling, Snarling.

Description: Hyena Growling, Close Up, Asthmatic Quality.

Description: Coyote Howls, Barks. Group Howls, Yelps And Barks With Elk Squeals In The Background. Medium Perspective.

Description: Dog; Barking At Night With Crickets, From Next Door.

Description: Small Dogs Barking Medium Cu, High Pitched, Large Dog Barking, Whining, More Dogs Barking In Distant Background.

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