Description: Elephant Growls, Roars, Trumpets.

Description: Whale, Humpback Calls, Singing. Multiple Naturally Reverberant Calls, Very Clear Singing Tones. Medium Perspective.

Description: Panda Eating, Breaths. Steady Eating Sounds With Breaths And Leaf Movement. Close Perspective.

Description: Whale, Killer Clicks, Whistles, Calls. Multiple High-pitched Calls, Clicks And Squeaks With Ocean In Background. Close Perspective.

Description: Whale, Killer ( False ) Whistles, Calls. Multiple High-pitched Whistles, Calls And Clicks With Water In Background. Medium Perspective.

Description: Group Bats With Squeaks And Movement.

Description: Whale, Grey Calls. Multiple Low-pitched Calls, Moans, Underwater. Distant Perspective.

Description: Whale, Beluga Clicks, Buzzes, Cries. Steady High-pitched Buzzes, Clicks And Squeaks With Water In Background. Close Perspective.

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