Description: Dolphin, Bottlenose Clicks, Buzzes. Multiple Steady Clicks And Buzzes With Water In Background. Close Perspective.

Description: Dolphin, Commerson's Clicks. Multiple Rapid Clicks. Close Perspective.

Description: Dolphin, Spinner Clicks. Multiple Clicks, Buzzes And Whistles With Water. Close Perspective.

Description: Bat, Fruit Wing Flaps. Low Pitched Flaps Of Bat Wings. Medium Perspective.

Description: ANIMALS SEA: Beluga whales vocalizing & blowing in pairs and individually New York aquarium.

Description: ANIMALS SEA: Dolphin blowing out through blowhole.

Description: Elephant; Trumpeting, Medium To Close Perspective.

Description: Elephant Trumpet. Multiple Trumpets. Medium Perspective.

Description: Panda Bleats, Breaths. Multiple Bleats With Breaths And Eating Sounds. Close Perspective.

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