Description: ANIMAL BUMBLE BEE: EXT: Close up buzzing from flower to flower, low level ambient rumble, distant intermittent birds in background.

Description: ANIMAL CRICKET BACKGROUND: EXT: Summer night, stereotypical chirps, distant cricket background, Pennsylvania.

Description: Crickets; Night Atmosphere In Cornfield. Constant Crickets With Light Background Atmosphere.

Description: ANIMAL CRICKET: EXT: Solo cricket outdoors, low level water trickle, distant low level crickets in background.

Description: ANIMAL FLIES: EXT: Various speed bys, some mosquitos in background, constant low level wind background, Montana.

Description: ANIMAL BEES: EXT: Many on a summer day, some close up bys, low level constant wind background, distant bird calls.

Description: Forest Ambience ( Fort Belvoir - Night ): Various Insects Distant W Occasional Ratchet Bug Cu.

Description: Single Cicada Cu, Multiple Cricket Ambience In Background, Highway Traffic In Distant Background.

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