Description: Eagle, Bald Chirps And Calls From Several Eagles With Some Slight Echo. Bird.

Description: Finch, Cassin's Chirps, Musical. Single Musical Chirps. Outdoor Ambience In Background With Birds And Insects. Medium Perspective.

Description: Sparrow, Lark Chirps, Musical. Bright, Musical Chirps Are Answered By Other Birds In The Very Distant Background.

Description: Wren, Canyon Calls. Loud, High-pitched Bird Calls Are Answered In The Distant Background.

Description: Lazuli-bunting Tweets. Hi-pitched Tweets With Slight Birds And Insects Ambience. Close Perspective.

Description: Junco, Dark-eyed Tweets. Steady Tweets With A Few Birds In The Background Responding To The Chirps. Close Perspective.

Description: Vulture Eating. Vultures Squabbling Over Food. Some Feeding Sounds.

Description: ANIMALS-BIRD BGS BIRDS: Swamp atmosphere - wood ducks, crow, rusty blackbird, mallards.

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