Description: Distant Tortured Screams, Male; Reverberant Cries Of Agony From Deep Within The Castle - Good At Low Level.

Description: Female Breath; Eerie Little Girl Bys, With Reverb.

Description: Ambience; Eerie Kids Laughing And Playing, With Reverb.

Description: Ambience; Low Male Choir Voices Drone.

Description: Female Cry; Eerie Woman In Pain, With Slap Back Echo. Reversed.

Description: Wall Rattle; Eerie Low End Distant Footsteps, With Debris Movement Inside Room.

Description: Female Moan; Eerie Processed Woman Breaths And Moans.

Description: Heartbeat; Steady, With Eerie Air Suction And Reverb.

Description: Rising tone followed by spooky hits and eerie bird cries. Eerie Sound Fear, Terror Horror Ambience.

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