Description: Washing Machine; Washing Machine During Cycle.

Description: Soft Cloth Moving Back And Forth On Smooth Surface.

Description: Washing Machine; Fill / Wash 2; Machine Switches Into Wash Mode; Several Swish-like Movements With Machine Hum In Background. Close Perspective.

Description: Washing Machine: Spin Cycle With Water And Motor Noise.

Description: Ambiance, Watery Machine; Machine Warms Up Slowly Churning And Filling With Water, A Few Added Mechanical And Watery Elements Gently Kick In, At 50 Secs. The Rhythm Plays Until The End ( Different Mic Positions Than 19-2 ) ( Dishwasher Fills And Runs ).

Description: Ambiance, Watery Machine; Machine Clicks, Drains Water, @20 Secs Mechanical Element Kicks In Water Picks Up Momentum And Rhythm Begins, @2; 03 Secs Beep And Water Suddenly Drains Out ( Dishwasher Changes Cycles And Drains ).

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