Description: Machine, Electronic; Radio Hash Changes Frequencies And Notes Like Outer Space Music Communicated On An Old Radio ( Tuning Old Radio ).

Description: Radio Spot: R And R In Hawaii Ad Spot With Bumper Music. Mono.

Description: Police Radio: Futzed Voice, From Car Perspective.

Description: Futz Radio: Squelches, Switches, Static Various. Dual.

Description: Voices; Busy Channel- Various Encrypted Voice Transmissions In Medium Static.

Description: Voices; Tone with Weird Drippy Bouncy Signal & Hi Voice-like Sound- Could Be Alien Transmission.

Description: Tuning; Am Broadcast Band- Various Tuning- Am Radio Programs.

Description: Voices; CB Radio Static & Voices; Truckers.

Description: Futz Radio: Radio Hash And Static With Some Pointed Lines Distinguishable. Spanish At Tail. Dual.

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