Description: Video Game Arcade Ambience, W Multiple Computer Beeps And Buttons.

Description: Mad Scientists Lab; Reverberant Room Tone, Zaps, Beeps And Bubbling Liquids.

Description: Hi-tech Control Room; Machine, Room Hum, Devices Working, Various Beeps, Blips.

Description: Rumble; Low Rumble Building Up To Higher Pitch And Becoming Thinner, Then Subtle Burst Into Low Rumble Gradually To Rise Again. Good Versatile Noise.

Description: Telemetry; Computers Communicate Via Radio- Data Packets Of Different Lengths & Strengths.

Description: Telemetry; Rhythmic Data; Printer-like Cycling & Lite Static.

Description: Computer CD ROM Loading; ROM Speeds Up And Slows Down, Close Perspective.

Description: Computer Download Data; Long Idle, Then Fast Long Data Download To The Hard Drive From The Internet, Distant Perspective.

Description: Machine, Electronic; Machine Whirs, Buzzes, And Grinds Rhythmically For A Minute. Staring At About ( 1; 07 ) The Rhythm Changes In Complexity & Pace ( Fax Machine ).

Description: Lab Room Devices; Reverberant Room Tone, Various Beeps And Tones Devices Working.

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