Description: Police Wailer Siren In From Distant, By Left To Right Fast, And Away To Distant. Off At Tail.

Description: Police Siren In From Distant. Starts As Whooper Changes To Wailer. By Fast And Close, Away.

Description: Whooper Siren In And By Right To Left Medium Slow And Away.

Description: Whooper In From Distant And By Left To Right Fast. Away.

Description: High-low Siren Long In From Distant, Close Doppler By Left To Right Fast. Away To Distant Then Return And By Left To Right Again And Away.

Description: Siren Close, Away To Distant. In City Traffic.

Description: Siren In And By Close, Away Into Traffic. Both Wailer And Whooper Sirens. Traffic Ambience With Sparse Walla.

Description: Siren In Heavy Traffic. Starts Medium Distant In And By Close. Not Steady; Siren Stops And Starts, With Uneven Modulations On Away. Pedestrian Walla, Movement, Traffic With Busses By.

Description: Whooper Siren In And By Close With Short Blurps. Traffic Ambience; A Few Bys, Close Honk, Close Brake Squeak.

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