Description: Footsteps On Mountain Path, Walker Pov, Close Detail.

Description: FOLEY FOOTSTEPS WATER: EXT: One person wading in deep & shallow water.

Description: FOLEY FOOTSTEPS LEAVES: EXT: One man running through forest with panicky breathing, dry leaves, stops running at end.

Description: FOLEY FOOTSTEPS SHALE: EXT: Walking on shale on side of mountain, body movement, shale falling away.

Description: Small Exterior Stairway Off The Street; Footsteps Close With Medium Traffic Bys, One Honk. Closed In Sound, Very Little Walla. Could Play For Subway Entrance.

Description: Spurs Pace Slow On Dirt; Slow Impact Of Boots On Dirt With Metal / Spur Jingle. Heavier Steps With Low Insect Buzz By. Walk, Stop Turn, Walk.

Description: Footsteps: Group Of Soldiers March On Grass, with Heavy Metal Gear Movement.

Description: Footsteps: Group Of Soldiers March On Grass.

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