Description: Spurs Pace Slow On Dirt; Slow Impact Of Boots On Dirt With Metal / Spur Jingle. Heavier Steps With Low Insect Buzz By. Walk, Stop Turn, Walk.

Description: Footsteps; Gravel; Slow / Heavy; Slow And Heavy Footsteps On Gravel. Close Perspective.

Description: FOLEY FOOTSTEPS SNOW: EXT: One person walking in deep snow.

Description: FOLEY FOOTSTEPS BOOTS: EXT: Slow western walk on gravel with spurs.

Description: Footsteps: Group Of Women Walk On Cement.

Description: Footsteps, Male, Slow & Deliberate, On Wood & Up Steps .

Description: Walking in gumboots in deep mud ( some birds ).

Description: Footsteps; Female Stomping, From Next Room.

Description: FOLEY FOOTSTEPS SNOW: EXT: Two people unevenly plodding & running in soft snow.

Description: Footsteps: Group Of Soldiers Walk On Dirt.

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