Description: Dance Electro House Daftpunk style Groove

Description: Electronic hard edged pumping tune with a great driving beat and build up. Techno and break beat influence with Chemical Brother and Prodigy vibe. This track would be suitable for fast edited video and DJ looping.

Description: Psy-trance electronic track with a bouncy bass line and edgy rhythmic synthesizers. This track is suitable for modern futuristic videos and installations.

Description: Fast paced bouncy and swinging psy-trance techno track. This track has lots of quirky sound design elements suitable for film, visual installation and animation.

Description: Percussion piece with funky bass resembling a fast run or chase scene.

Description: Psy-trance electronic track with a bouncy bass line, rave synthesizers with DJ elements.

Description: A euphoric trance techno track with melodic arpeggio synth runs and classic electronic beats. This song would suit corporate videos, DJ looping, and TV.

Description: Smooth breakbeat groove with a catchy synth melody and arpeggios.

Description: Funky jazz piece with double bass and funky clavichord keyboards.

Description: Acid Techno track with a melodic build up and hard edged 303 sounds. This song is influenced by the 80's rave movement. It would suit fast action scenes with a futuristic element.

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