Description: This romance is written for a performance about events of the Second World War and dedicated to all gone away… A lonely female voice and piano…

Description: This is pure a pizzicato variant of Slovak folk polka.

Description: This funny paso doble fits for any “corrida’s” scenes in your film, show or theatrical production.

Description: A strange noise is sounding in the head , a terrible voice is starting howling, but suddenly all is stopping.

Description: This funny energetic thing’s been written in the intentionally patriotic, "revolutionary" manner. You can use it as music accompaniment of droll marching or "resolute" procession scenes in films, video, reels or performances.

Description: Magic medieval intro with steel guitar, harpsichord and little bells for any your fairy tale.

Description: These dismal chimes of enormous clock fit for creating dark medieval ambience in your works.

Description: Ambient and calm music for pleasure and relaxation. Bass performs a solo – it’s at the centre of attention – against the background of dense drums playing among ephemeral sounding electronic bells and strings. A boundless distance and unshakeable composure...Fit for films, reels, video or just for listening to relax.

Description: Concerto in A Minor for Violin, Strings and Continuo (part I) by Johann Sebastian Bach played jazz guitars and upright bass.

Description: Small kind fairy tale straight out from childhood! Just guitar ballad in neoclassic style.

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