Description: The sound of a small size win on a video slot machine.

Description: The sound of a decent size win on a video slot machine.

Description: Doorbell with four metal tubular bell tones

Description: Metal 6mm bar chimes, or mark tree. A series of 3 recordings at various speeds.

Description: A quick burst of electrical energy from an electrical charge.

Description: Hard-hitting cinematic sting with sharp glass and blades upon impact. Quick reverse effects build at the top.

Description: Zen bell made of a heavy sheet of brass. One hit follwed by a long decay with stereo warbling

Description: An ambient recording in the shipping port on St. Kitts in the Caribbean. Recording includes sound of people talking and walking around with prominent steel drum music playing in the background. The gazebo overhead provides a pleasant reverberant quality.

Description: A horrific high pitched banshee scream. This effect has an extended reverb tail.

Description: A slow building cinematic reverse cymbal swell for a theatrical trailer or thriller.

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