Description: Funny tune with bells, brass, sax and guitar for games or children activity

Description: Fun loop with piano and bells for games or children activity

Description: Heavenly background track with bongos. Especially suitable for videos with nature. Chilling mood. Seems like slowly floating on the river. Enjoy and thanks for commenting and rating.

Description: Traditional medium swing blues track. Some solos to create interest in your videos.

Description: Adventure tune in Indiana Jones style

Description: Funny tune with piano and guitar. Easy to make loop

Description: Heavenly background with some flutes

Description: Romantic tune with piano, strings, flute and guitar. Seems like the beginning of love story. For use in many different romantic scenarios. Especially well for heart moving scenes, and inspirational moments.

Description: Lazy south tune for comedy, kids or gameplay

Description: Bouncy tune with accordion and funny sounds. Suitable for kids fun, comedy videos and games. A little French mood.

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