Description: Inspirational, atmospheric and embracing documentary ambient background music. Perfect for inspiring video, film, promotion, presentation, corporate video, slideshow, commercial, tech advertising, business promo, explainer video, review, interview, timelapse, slowmotion and many more.

Description: Soft, warm, emotional ambient background music. Perfect as background music for review, interview, technology, medical, historical documentary, ecology, society, nature, space video, adventure, travel advertisement, slideshow, timelapse, slowmotion, emotional story, thinking moments and many more.

Description: Deep and atmospheric minimal documentary ambient background music. This calm, dreamy, relaxing, atmospheric, meditative, chill and peaceful track perfectly suitable as background for business presentation, commercial, technology promo, infographics, documentary, minimalistic slideshow, medical advertising, review, interview, demonstration, corporate video, slowmotion, timelapse, drone video and other modern media projects.

Description: Inspirational and uplifting background music. Energetic and powerful track with motivational mood. Great for motivational and inspiring video, commercial, sport motivation, business presentation, corporate video, advertising, promotion, YouTube video and many more!

Description: Light Folk Acoustic - Soft, peaceful and beautiful background music. This good mood and wonderful track contains bright guitar, nice bells, soft piano and tight drums. Perfectly suits for different types of projects, such as commercial, travel slideshow, adventure video, summer film, lovely montage, presentation, advertising, youtube and many more.

Description: Trendy ambient background music with chill hop vibe and vocal chops. Beautiful, deep and relaxing track. Perfect for fashion commercial, travel vlog, summer video, timelapse, drone footage, beauty montage, Instagram promo, fashion backstage, slideshow and more.

Description: Beautiful soft and calm piano ambient background music. Minimalistic and peaceful chill track that evokes feelings of calm, positive and harmony. Great for advertising, medical documentary, presentation, corporate, technology, tutorial, coaching, team work and building, personal growth, life achievements, high tech video, timelapse, history, education, review, interview, product promo, demonstration, infographics, drone video, film and any project that requires minimal and gentle background music.

Description: Soft, warm, gentle, inspiring, beautiful deep and relaxing ambient background music. Good background for adult video, sensual slideshow, sexy commercial, advertising, presentation, slowmotion, documentary, lifestyle, traveling, podcast, timelapse, luxury promo, spa, meditation, yoga, relaxing video, videos about nature, and many more.

Description: Corporate Innovation is a light, minimal, peaceful and inspiring ambient background music. This deep and beautiful electronic music will be perfect for corporate presentation, advertising, slideshow, technology review, infographics, innovate promotion, timelapse video, business commercial, voiceover, drone footage, nature montages, medical documentary and so on.

Description: Light, positive and inspiring ambient corporate background music. Minimal, deep and peaceful track. Perfect for advertising, slideshow, technology, innovation, presentation, promotional, timelapse, business, success, team building, medicine, lifestyle and so on.

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