Description: A minor pentatonic bluesy rock. Happy and uplifting. Includes electric guitar lead after second verse

Description: Like a warrior walking his path to the final battle of his life, contemplating the past.

Description: Eerie background soundscape in Em

Description: Soft and melodic turning in to hard and heavy. In the key of Em. Agressive and adrenalizing. Tells the story of an angry guardian angel.

Description: A mellow rock and roll song telling the story of triumph. Pled in drop D tuning in the key of Am. Slow, rolling pace and feel.

Description: Dramatic realizing the end is near and finding the thoughts whipping through my head.

Description: CSI like laboratory full song for sequence shots analyzing data.

Description: An energetic, driving beat with aggressive guitar, bass, and synth

Description: A tension building instrumental. Good set up for a very dramatic scene

Description: Horror introduction soundtrack. Feels like a descent in to an evil abyss

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