Description: Sounds of a summer morning here in Virginia.

Description: This is a great Thunder clip from a summer time thunderstorm back in June 2011. This was an awesome storm as you might tell by this sound clip. This is an awesome clip.

Description: This was a nice rain we had that broke the heat wave back at the end of June and is so relaxing I thought some could use this as a sound clip for a few things.

Description: Love this one how the birds are singing. Very active clip for birds.

Description: This is an awesome clip of the rain and birds singing.

Description: Thought this may be handy to use also in some video.

Description: Made this on a rainy day a while back and it is a good steady rain clip.

Description: Got this today while out filming a snow storm here in Virginia and he was the largest crow I have ever seen. He was huge and really stood out.

Description: This is very interesting I think. This is the sound of snow falling on my camera as I was out filming the snowstorm back in February 2012. I think it is a unique sound.

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