Description: A Heavy synth Rock groove for a zombie action environment. Although could be used for any type of intense action piece.

Description: a suspense filled track to deal with an approaching danger.

Description: a rhythm based drum and synth track for an escape sequence or scene.

Description: Nearly identical to Trailer Action Horror, but with an alternate synth string opening with a much fuller mix

Description: Ominous theme with a bell rhythm. Can easily be used for a terrifying moment as well as an unexpected or expected death sequence in a harrowing situation.

Description: An action/thriller/Horror synth piece that slowly builds with feelings of desperation and hopelessness.

Description: A climatic synth piece with a horror overtone. In the vein of the Trioxin theme from Return of the Living Dead. Could easily be used for a closing credits sequence.

Description: A horror rock-ish synth tune, with a bluegrass style guitar picking rhythm

Description: A bassy synth mix mash of themes that can be used for Horror films. Part Action, part somber, part explosive.

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