Description: Romance is in the air with classical guitars and mandolins in concert with a floating violin. Set off on your gondola into the sunset

Description: Sniper is a groovy flowing espionage type track with synthesized keyboard and percussion.

Description: Peaceful, romantic track written about the beauty of birth, life, and the journey

Description: Imagine a couple walking down a leaf covered road hand in hand talking about their life. Elegant piano based with chamber orchestra background

Description: Eerie space like sound of a cello and an ethereal background float you around the planets

Description: Light airy track with sequence of piano, horns and guitar, very dramatic and smooth. Take a ride on a cloud.

Description: Can you catch up to the screamers in this track. Pounding beat that takes you to places unknown

Description: Just a light easy going track with piano leading you a field to dance

Description: Birds fly about playing with one another as acoustic guitars and a pan flute play for them with a energetic beat

Description: A must have track that is heavenly, peaceful and dramatic. Its as if you are in the clouds floating or beneath the sea with the fish

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