Description: Imagine racing through the sky on a magic carpet. Where would it take you. Here, there, everywhere.

Description: Iron heart has those hard base and drum licks you need for any fast paced project

Description: Steel guitars ease you into a fast pulsating rock track that explodes into electronic keyboards and hard guitar.

Description: Morning sunrise is just that . A song you might have coffee with when you wake up. Etherial guitar, and piano.

Description: Bliss is very comfortable and easy going piano based track, that has a nice flow to it.

Description: Romance is in the air with classical guitars and mandolins in concert with a floating violin. Set off on your gondola into the sunset

Description: Spanish guitar and airy flute relax you in this track.

Description: Simple, light acoustic guitars dueling with a Spanish sound and feel of walking down a dirt road with the countryside on both sides of you.

Description: Very cool espionage type track. Could be used for a film with burglers sneaking around a house about to get caught. Upright bass, jazzy drums and flute.

Description: Crazy is a track with crazy pulsating beats that keep going and so will you.

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