Description: Fully orchestral introduction featuring a spooky, ominous theme. Perfect for projects that need a horror/suspense feel. Especially great for main title cards and introductory credits that need a professional, hollywood feel.

Description: Inspiring, uplifting piece for promotional, corporate, motivational, and other projects. Featuring a simple piano motive that grows into a large, hopeful statement for percussion, orchestra, chorus, and guitars. This piece offeres a lot of flexibility, with multiple options for fade in/fade out, or a strong, concluding chord if your project demands.

Description: Trailer music in the modern vein, featuring pulsing synths underneath an epic orchestral track. Builds from a simple figure in the low strings to a full-throated statement that includes epic synthetic percussion blended with traditional pounding drums. Built for modern cinematic promotional material, this piece clocks in at exactly 2:00 to give you and your editors flexibility and ease of use.

Description: Piano-driven cinematic track that builds toward a dramatic crescendo, then gradually fades. A cross between the ambient/cinematic genres, suitable for promotional or motivational material as well as providing an excellent soundscape for more static projects. See this track in action in an ad for the Colorado School of Mines here:

Description: Ambient soundscape for piano, strings, and electronic percussion. Perfect for projects that need a feeling of dramatic longing or nostalgia. Featuring a little bit less than 6 minutes of beautiful underscore capable of emphasizing emotion or simply remaining in the background, this unobtrusive cue gives you and your editors enormous flexibility to fade in or out, is loopable with careful editing, and has a definitive ending if your project needs a feeling of completion.

Description: Dramatic, inspirational cue for orchestra. Builds from a piano solo into an epic and inspiring middle melody, then back to the same piano motive as before. Sure to inspire audiences, and structured to give buyers flexibility-- multiple points for fading in and out, and two primary statements of the main theme.

Description: Dramatic, exciting, and suspenseful chase music featuring pulse-pounding percussion and orchestra. Written in the film style, this chase music is perfect for projects that need high-quality, hollywood-style action score. Works great as fight/battle music in games/interactive projects, and has a big, dramatic ending if you need a solid, exciting conclusion.

Description: Beautiful epic trailer written in the fantasy genre-- featuring epic rhythms, beautiful melodies, and a huge dramatic ending. With ample use of string runs, piano melodies, and enormous, soaring brass parts, this piece is sure to get your audience excited about your project. Great for projects that need to feel magical, epic, and inspirational.

Description: Rousing orchestral theme for orchestra-- one of my top royalty-free sellers. This piece uses pop-orchestral elements, guitars, and epic percussion to tell a hopeful, inspirational story. With multiple builds throughout, this piece works amazingly well in ads, videos, and other media.

Description: Short, modern intro piece perfect for projects that want a mystery/noir feel in a contemporary setting. This piano-driven piece begins with a mysterious theme played on a piano, and evolves into a contemporary/rock climax. Designed with dramatic webseries/television intros in mind, this piece gives your editors flexibility and several option for length and style.

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