Description: Modern cinematic music featuring a dynamic blend of orchestral and electronic elements. Explosive percussion and bold orchestrations add awesome support to a compelling soundtrack of high tech adventure. Designed for super hero movies, war films & documentaries, spy dramas, CIA and military themes, movie trailers and video games.

Description: A musical mix of orchestral and techno elements reflecting the secretive aspects of cyberspace and computer science. Designed for forensic programs, investigative reports, corporate videos, medical research, science, crime, espionage, video games, Internet web pages & high tech industrial projects.

Description: Ultra-contemporary cinematic music reflecting the suspense and dangers of high tech espionage. Designed for CIA and modern military themes, forensic programs, crime dramas, investigative reports, corporate videos, scientific research, computer science, video games, industrial projects and the Internet.

Description: Dramatic underscore with a mysterious vibe featuring an ultra modern high tech arrangement in the style and tradition of the CSI TV shows. Designed for forensic crime dramas, investigative reports, reality TV shows, industrial trade shows, corporate branding, upscale advertising and luxury cars.

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