Description: Sadly romantic theme with a major motion picture style arrangement. Lush strings resonate heartfelt emotions on a grand scale.

Description: Deeply expressive romantic music with a film noir vibe in the style of a Clint Eastwood movie soundtrack. Sexy, slick and dreamy with a Classic Hollywood feel. Think Valentine’s Day, lingerie, seductive and passionate love making.

Description: Classic Hollywood love theme featuring a sentimental piano and strings score.

Description: Masterful arrangement of a new modern classical composition reflecting a dream world of romantic desires. A slow moody introduction leads to musical passages of incredible beauty as a twinkling night brings a heartfelt love to full bloom.

Description: Deeply expressive piano scoring music inspired by the Impressionism art movement of the late 19th-century reflecting the elements of Life & Love as perceived and experienced through the talented faculties of an artist. Designed for documentaries, epic romance, weddings, biographies, receptions and museums.

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