Description: Masterful cinematic music in the style of the soundtracks to Alfred Hitchcock movies. Exceptional music artistry inspired by the phenomenal film scores of Bernard Herrmann.

Description: Surreal music from another dimension beyond what is known to man. A dimension not only of sight & sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. Fantastical music a la Bernard Herrmann’s fascinating scores for the legendary TV series. Creepy Hitchcock

Description: Dramatic underscore with a film noir vibe reflecting the mysterious exploits of a private eye in a sinful city at night.

Description: Masterful music artistry celebrating the bizarre filmic style and chilling mystique of the legendary master filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. Enjoy a phenomenal orchestral tapestry inspired by Bernard Herrmann’s extraordinary motion picture score to North by Northwest.

Description: Seductive cinematic music with a neo-noir vibe in the style of Jerry Goldsmith’s provocative score to the erotic thriller Basic Instinct. Sensuous, dreamy, and spacious. Elegantly entrancing for romantic drama, passion and seduction with an alluring and mysterious quality.

Description: Deeply expressive dramatic music with a cinematic flair reflecting the suspense and mystery of a dangerous world filled with covert plots, terrorists, spies and political intrigue. Designed for Film and TV music, investigative reports, crime dramas, documentaries and movie trailers.

Description: Dreamy and bizarre dramatic background cue with hip hop elements reflecting urban drug culture.

Description: Mysterious piano patterns wander through an eerie musical universe of ominous unknown dimensions. Designed for mystery & suspense programs, forensic shows, investigative news, murder and homicide cases. Inspired by the soundtracks to such films as A Perfect Murder, Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction.

Description: Mysterious piano patterns reflect the dark moods and altered states of a secret musical journey into the unknown. Designed for mystery and suspense programs, forensic shows, investigative news, murder and homicide cases.

Description: Classic Hollywood suspense music in the style of big movie studio Sci-Fi horror fantasy film soundtracks. Features ominous orchestrations with heart-pounding percussion creating an intense nightmarish atmosphere of dreadful doom.

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