Description: rhythm guitar with slide in lead. perfect for a sad moment or a tender teenage moment.

Description: free-form washed out acoustic with slide blues. all performed on $10 guitar from a memphis junk shop. dark, moody, very original.

Description: driving 6-8 rhythm and overdriven guitar set up this song from its outset. distorted bass and powerful drums compliment the dark mood.

Description: Wide open spaces, tremolo guitar, and colorful rhodes make this track reminiscent of late 90's trip hop while still having a flavor and groove all it's own.

Description: solo male vocalist with piano accompaniment. text is based on a hindu prayer. written in style of charles ives.

Description: Slow, delicate track that builds from a simple organ loop to a large climax featuring strings, bass, guitar, rhodes piano, with some tape distortion. A long slow piece for patient listeners.

Description: Intense and dirty, distorted, grungy guitars move a mid-tempo track forward, while a bed of cello strengthens the powerful drums.

Description: this track has all the horror cliches you need. high dissonant strings, sudden percussion hits, lots of distorted guitar. Starts quiet and builds to an intense climax.

Description: non-traditional use of piano and pizzicato strings drive this short, up-tempo piece. also features unusual synth sounds, tabla, djembe.

Description: intended to emulate popular archetypes in modern dramatic film music, this begins as a battle scene accompaniment, but later becomes mysterious.

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