Description: Dark, powerful and very intense action trailer music. Lots of drums, impacts, effects. Excellent for pulsating action scenes, trailers, pounding chase sequences, etc.

Description: Percussive movie trailer sting, excellent for hi energy action, suspense, horror, etc. Lots of taiko drums and orchestral percussion, violin stings and fx. Please check out my cinematic collection for more goodies and don't forget to rate it should you like it.

Description: Dark and mysterious cinematic atmosphere, deep and powerful. Very spacey and suspenseful, works in various dark and dramatic projects. Excellent for movie trailers, Halloween, dramatic After Effects presentations, etc. It's made out of deep drones, low rumbles, distorted pads and fx, cinematic percussion and drums.

Description: Beautiful epic piano opening, with drones, low impacts and voice pads, excellent for movie trailers, After FX presentations, web, etc.

Description: Uplifting and motivational pop rock track with various elements expressing a lot of positivity and strong confidence. Positive energy and catchy mood. Guitar riffs are full of freedom and happiness, spacey synths are bright and vibey.

Description: Cinematic drums, music for operations, dramatic battles and war scenes. Would also work for a march of armies, an intrigue or as movie trailer music. For pulsating action scenes, trailers, pounding chase sequences, documentaries and various presentations.

Description: Looped Ambient Drone, reversed piano, excellent for After Effects projects, Videos, Games, etc.

Description: Uplifting corporate groove, positive and happy. this is looped so it can be used for web applications

Description: Powerful and dark cinematic trailer with lots of impacts, percussions, distorted synths, moody drones and pads. Excellent for movie trailers and video games. Check out my portfolio for more cinematic items like this one.

Description: Dark atmosphere, deep and mystical, with lots of fx, rumbles, screaming pads and beautiful violins, excellent for video games and movies. I've got more like this one in my portfolio so please do check it out.

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