Description: Beautiful ambient piano dubstep chillout track very organic, with cello, violas, fx, dubstep drums, filtered pianos and reversed synths. Very melodic, yet quite futuristic, works very well in websites backgrounds, after fx projects, movies, documentaries and of course listening.

Description: Wonderful ambient trip hop track, with guitars and bells and pads, excellent for various presentations and listening. Very mellow and melodic it is suitable for various projects and presentations. Please check out my portfolio for more tracks like this one. Enjoy and please rate it if you like it.

Description: Beautiful melodic progressive electronic track, bright, positive and sparkly. Lots of glittery synths, lush pads, cutting edge fx and even a mandolin make this track a must have for a videographer's collection since works magic in various projects, dance floors and listening. Have a listen to my portfolio for more tracks like this one. Enjoy and please rate it if you like it. Cheers

Description: Beautiful ambient chillstep track, on the new age side, excellent for spa and lounge relaxation and awesome for video presentations and documentaries. Lots of harps, cellos, piano, electric guitar, lush pads and avant-garde synths make this track a must have four your collections. Check out my other ambient tracks if you like this one! Thank you

Description: Music Box melody, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and pads, excellent for romantic and melancholic scenes.

Description: Beautiful vocal chillout ambient track, very mellow and slow featuring a very beautiful yet haunting female vocal. Lots of fx, twisted vocals, guitar solos and rhodes as well as soothing pads and violins perfect to take your projects to the next level. Please rate it if you like it and check out my portfolio for more tracks like this one!

Description: Ambient breaks on the chillout side, melancholic yet beautiful with lots of pads, synths, pianos and a wonderful melody. Works magic in various presentations. Check out may portfolio for more tracks like this one. Enjoy

Description: Lo Fi ambient chillstep, airy, epic and beautiful. You will find bells, pianos, glittery synths, pads, lo fi drums and even some vinyl crackles in this ambient/chillout/lounge track. Excellent for off the wall presentations, documentaries, videos, presentations, etc.

Description: Powerful and beautiful ambient track with deep drums, calm pads, spacious fx and glittery synths.

Description: Deep and powerful ambient piece with lotsa bells, synths, dark downtempo drums. Very emotional, yet triumphant and magnificent. Works well in various presentations. Have a listen and please don't forget to rate it if you like it.

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