Description: Alternative post-rock track, with a strong shoe gaze and country influences. Very slow and mellow but beautiful and melodic. Lots of slide and electric guitars, bass drums, rhodes and piano. A must have for your ambient rock collection!

Description: Ambient post-rock track kinda shoe gaze meets alternative. Lots of electric guitars, bass, drums, piano, synths, fx. Very mellow, slow yet beautiful and melancholic. Excellent for background music in documentaries, films and various projects.

Description: Powerful Rock ballad, mellow and beautiful yet contemporary. Excellent for various presentations and projects. Lots of pianos, guitars, drums and bass, strings, pads, etc

Description: Funky Rock is an instrumental track with lots of distorted synths, drums, guitars, flutes, sax and muted trumpet. Very funky and eclectic this song fits for movie trailers, presentations, etc

Description: Ambient shoegaze indie rock with lost of piano, synths, acoustic guitars, bass and distorted pads. Excellent for various presentations.

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