Description: synth arpeggios spell out a standard chord sequence underpinned by a slow bass pad, repetitive and atmospheric.

Description: the sound of feet rustling in dry leaves.

Description: big sound of a piece of metal being hit with long reverberant tail and resonance.

Description: a bell is hit, long decay.

Description: simple piano melody repeated in a large auditorium ambiance. a tremolo cello supports the descending line after a few repeats .

Description: A man urinates in a toilet then flushes the water.

Description: the sound of finger snapping under an echoy bridge, sounds like a matchstick being struck.

Description: funk piece with wha-what guitar, bass and horn stabs, happy and uplifting.

Description: uptempo piece with rock drums and piano underpinned by a vocoder and fingered bass with drum intro and end stop.

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