Description: Electronic house instrumental. Heavy kick drum with percussion that helps drive the groove. Nice plucks and stabs that paint a reflective picture.

Description: An emotional and reflective alternative pop instrumental. Ambient pads with a soft take off then it grows into a monster!

Description: A cinematic hybrid of orchestral elements blended with some trap/hip-hop elements. Fast paced groove with middle eastern percussion complimenting the trap drums.

Description: An experimental track that has a Kill Bill vibe. The distorted and muzzled violin solo gives it a dark and cold mood along with the cheap sounding guitars. The hip/hop rhythm drives the track along with the high lagotto strings. The instrumental has a dramatic feel.

Description: A pop/rock instrumental that has a serious and confident mood.

Description: A wacky and colorful instrumental that takes about 4 melodic turns and moods. This hybrid of urban pop and rock feel with cinematic elements creates a mood of discovery

Description: A jazz infusion instrumental. Arpeggiated Key's to set the textural background with a nice house grove driving the track.

Description: A country and blue grass type of feel to this instrumental. Very quirky and playful.

Description: Up tempo house infused instrumental. Chord stabs for rhythmic grove along with a steady house drum pulse. The chords and mood is dark an serious.

Description: Energetic heavy hip/hop instrumental that feels inspirational.

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