Description: female voices layered whispering about blood and terror.

Description: A large crowd of about a thousand, cheering and clapping.

Description: Prisoners in a big, echoey, cold, dank insane asylum. Some bark like dogs. A good Halloween ambience.

Description: about 800 people clapping, cheering, and whistling.

Description: Sounds like something from Spartacus A fanfare big, brassy and noble, announcing the gladiators.

Description: person flips through various tv channels.

Description: a largish crowd, around 800 people applaud, cheer, and whistle.

Description: a constructed sound effect. multiple people walking and shuffling feet.

Description: Crowd of about five hundred cheering a whistling. A very long curtain call. Some laughter.

Description: a paper party favor. blow and it unrolls and makes a honking sound.

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