Description: A tender, solitary and ethereal piano solo rendition with sporadic hauntingly beautiful sounds. sticky, floating, slowly sinking into the deep or softly falling snow. Sorrowful, mournful, almost standing still. his slow, poignant, sad. Suitable for Film/TV, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Calm Music.

Description: Very emotional and melancholic piece for piano and band. This highly emotional track projects a feeling of sadness and sorrow. Suitable for underscoring sad, emotional images and cinematic dramatic work. Perfectly suits a romantic drama, mature romance, history documentary. Angelic reflective serene

Description: Fresh, funky and catchy track. Quirky, crazy and kitschy performed on wha clavinet, organ, percussion, bass and drums. ideal for lifestyle, kids, comdey and home improvement shows. Light, bright, funky, reggae and funny. Relaxed and chilled vibe through-out! instrumental

Description: Bouncy piano with rhodes melody meets an alternative rock sound, creating a very positive and uplifting energy. Fun party scenes, city lights, life is good, car commercials, feel good movies, positive, motivational music. Great soundtrack for commercials, advertising and television themes.

Description: Sizzling party Salsa with hot burning percussion and loads of sensual exotic flavor for your production. Also features bass, piano and brass! great for commercials with for a flavour of South America, travel shows, documentaries, vacation and holiday specials. Wild, fiery and fun. latin. salsa.

Description: This slow, poignant, sad, and dramatic piece features wondrous melodic charm. Delicate piano, Flutes and strings work together to create a beautiful and uplifting track. Beautifully enchanting & soothing ambient song to evoke a feeling of lost hope. Tender, sad and warm. passionate and emotive.

Description: Fast, agressive and potent electronica. Heavy, electronic drum loop with distorted bass and other electronic sounds. Dynamic, energetic, Corporate branding, high tech apps and presentations. Good for extreme sports and action filled footage. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Electro-Industrial. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Dark Electo

Description: Fresh, cool and simple track. Emotional, comforting, hopeful and positive performed on wha guitar, piano, percussion, bass and drums. ideal for lifestyle, kids, comedy and home improvement shows. Light, bright, acoustic, reggae and funny. Relaxed and chilled vibe through-out! instrumental

Description: Pizzicato strings and percussion give it a touch of playful sneaky suspense. neaky and playfully mischievous soundtrack, great for romantic comedies, family sitcoms, youth/teen romance shows, children’s programs, cross-cutting scenes and more. Well suited for humorous snooping around scenes.

Description: Fancifull orchestral with piano, strings, french horn, woodwinds and harp. Whimsical, happy and very positive. Magical piano melody with a touch of fantasy. Think of Disney. Great for kids advertising. Light and dreamy. tender, romantic uplifting - great movie opening, film score. Instrumental.

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