Description: Uptempo, Larry David funny style featuring perfect banjo and violin melody with accompaniment of drum, bass and guitar. Fast and fun, Rock Music, Folk Rock. Try it, you might like it! Instrumental. Could also be surf music and dance, cartoon, childrens. Reminiscent of the Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme. Instrumental, Rock Music, Folk Rock

Description: Pizzicato strings and percussion give it a touch of playful sneaky suspense. neaky and playfully mischievous soundtrack, great for romantic comedies, family sitcoms, youth/teen romance shows, children’s programs, cross-cutting scenes and more. Well suited for humorous snooping around scenes.

Description: A smoky jazz club ensemble track, with lead vibraphone, drums, bass and pizz strins. Pensive, creative and fashion style. Great for private eye, mystery, film noir, spy, crime, backgrounds, corporate or for Commercials/TV themes. Documentary, chill-out lounge club.

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