Description: Happy ukulele song with snapping fingers and hand claps to a groovy base guitar. Suitable as background music for commercials or any joyful, happy or light-hearted themes.

Description: Happy simple ukulele song with base guitar and snapping fingers comp. Suitable for all happy, light-hearted and joyful themes.

Description: Happy whistling track with ukulele and base guitar. Catchy melody.

Description: Tribal bush and jungle music in Australian/Aboriginal style. Drums and vocals i background with driving didjeridoo. A feeling of being around the camp fire in the jungle with shamans and ongoing rituals. Suitable for all mystical, tribal, ethnic, Indian, indigenous and ritual themes.

Description: Happy song with ukulele, bells and snapping fingers. A feeling of celebration and happiness.Whistling melody. Suitable for all joyful, happy, celebration and cheerful themes.

Description: Up tempo blues with ukulele chords and solo to give it a happy energetic feeling. Suitable for all happy, joyful and jolly themes.

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