Description: Dramatic piano and strings track. Would work nicely in a documentary or a melancholic movie.

Description: Uplifting, touching track, starting with a inspirational piano melody. Perfect for commercial and corporate use. For example: advertisement, inspirational videos or image films.

Description: A very calm but dark ambient track. Would work great as a score in a thriller, psycho thriller, mystery or horror movie.

Description: Fast, emotional piano and strings track. Great for a dramatic or tragic movie or video, for example.

Description: Emotional hollywood strings and piano. Perfect for a moving love scene in a movie or an inspirational video.

Description: A track with strings, marimba and piano with a suspenseful comedy atmosphere. Could be used for a sneaking around scene or a conversation scene in a comedy film.

Description: Optimistic and inspirational electronic track. Would be perfect for a short corporate image film or advertisement.

Description: Sweet, sentimental piano and strings track. Would be great for an emotional, inspiring movie scene or video.

Description: A sweet, melancholic piano track. Broken-hearted but hopeful. Would work great in a sentimental movie or video.

Description: Suspenseful and fast orchestra action music. Perfect for an exciting or dangerous action scene in a movie or video.

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