Description: A filtered disco track with classic live disco rhythm guitars , classic disco strings , long version available ,

Description: A muli genre master piece between Rock performer Rich Kennedy and notable Dance producer Albert Cabrera

Description: Energetic Electronic Dance with capturing elements .

Description: Catchy big bass , steady driver , lots of space , a piano that almost cuts through used as a teaser .

Description: a sexy live rock performance with a guitar solo meant to melt hearts ,

Description: A funky freestyle break beat with solo Timbales

Description: 2 worlds collide when Rock performer Rich Kennedy teams with legendary producer Albert Cabrera and delivers a multi genre masterpiece .

Description: Traditional House direction with house piano , bass , and an uplifting string line .

Description: This is a spiritual track for relaxation and sleep,put me to sleep every time,I have a 20 minute version,it's soothing and reviving as well.

Description: Driving tight drums beats with cool paradiddles .

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