Description: African-inspired world music instrumental track. Driving hand drums and arpeggiated acoustic guitar make an inspiring melodic instrumental piece

Description: A slow-building, dramatic, instrumental rock song with big dramatic strings. Perfect for high-action sports clips or action sequences!

Description: Big guitar riff, metal, instrumental track with a menacing verse and rock-out, upbeat chorus!

Description: An upbeat, happy, pop-punk instrumental track. Perfect for teen TV shows.

Description: Funny, instrumental blooper music to go under comedy or blooper footage.

Description: Triumphant, sports highlight music. Upbeat and big sounding, instrumental rock anthem.

Description: An upbeat, driving rock/punk track with a catchy chorus that could be perfect for a teen tv show!

Description: An upbeat, instrumental pop track in the style of Katy Perry

Description: A plotting and rhythmic hard rock track. Lots of guitars with an epic sounding melodic phrasing.

Description: An ethereal hip hop beat using strings and pads over a huge syncopated beat!

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