Description: This electro-metal track delivers a demolishing guitar riffs, dirty and rusty drums, distorted Industrial percussion and straight-up techno-alike bass synths.

Description: Extremely high Club mix and Electro music. Fast speed, progressive and heavy synthesized. Inspired by Daft Punk and Example.

Description: This background music track creates tension, atmosphere and gives you a dark kind of feeling that you are not alone and something mind be standing right behind your back.

Description: This track features heavily distorted electric guitar riffs, rhythmic bass guitar, fast paced programmed live drums as well as beats, background gothic choirs and synthesizers.

Description: An atmospheric and creepy doom ambient. Ideal as background music in a horror game, film or videos.

Description: This techno trance tracks features fast tempo, a great club beat, a positively productive vibe and a strategic structure like moment o silence.

Description: Funky, comedy rock with energetic (kind of like mexican) guitar hits and solos. Imagine a platform game where you play a guy with over-scaled head, hitting hobos with a baseball bat.

Description: Slowly engaging synths and bass guitar, rhythmic drum kit, rock guitar hits - kind of like solos, with a bit of effects on them. It ends with a synthistic, electro-bass rhythms.

Description: Easy listening, motivating and positive orchestral piece, which can be used as background music for promo videos, games and films.

Description: Industrial Tribal Ambient marching song. War Horns playing, heavy synths following the rhythm of battle. Industrial sounds going from right to left, left to right.

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