Description: A melancholic composition that expresses the feelings of loneliness.The emotions it kindles when things are within grasp but out of reach. A soft melancholic instrumental featuring piano,violin and deep emotional pads and synths.

Description: Mind blowing heart pumping drum based composition with a slow build up offering a very unique feeling and dramatic effect. Great for sound tracks and special situations in film and TV projects.

Description: A flood of powerful guitars, rotary guitars and heavy distorted synths with a tatse of death metal beats. Roaring energetic electronica layers makes this ideal for fast paced action projects

Description: Uplifting melody with an orchestral spirit. Classical guitar fusion.

Description: Loyalties tested, as are willpowers. The very essence of a warrior, character. An ensemble of Deep cello, violas and brass laced with evocative piano keys.

Description: Electric rhythm, uplifting trance coupled with addictive beats and graduated synth tones.

Description: Upbeat pop with enticing space guitar and country soul music intertones. Raunchy and brimming with energy. Built for peppy commercials

Description: Sensual and energetic dubstep mix with female vocals

Description: Sweet techno trance with congo and bongo percussion mix. Deep synth and gater sequences.

Description: Upbeat psychedlic trance track with hints of romance, rush and a flair for fun. Vocal ethnopads and cool beats set up the mood.

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