Description: Everything war has a beginning. Orchestral film score perfect for epic movies, television and games.Horns strings and bellowing percussion fortells that a war is brewing.The first installment in the Epic war compostions. Anticipation, tension, excitement, planning, energy and emotion rolled into one. Edgy and emotive, revengeful, strong and determined. Confidant, poised to strike, battlefield, sacrifice, loyalty.

Description: A sunset for every beach, a hand just within my reach. What else could be asked for? Sweet guitars strummed with soft beats, breezy pads with violin accompaniment

Description: Cheerful spanish guitars, with a dash of romance. Ideal summer tune, warm and tropical.

Description: Hell unleashed.Blood shed. Mad rush and fury.carnage.What describes war best ? This does. Great audio-orchestration where strings, sound FX,choir and pounding percussion bring the battle scene before one's eyes. Grand, anticipation, film score, angry, strong, heavy action, intense, triumphant, foreboding, trumpet, tense, illuminating, aggressive, provoking, inspiring.

Description: Evocative piano instrumental backed by an ensemble of strings and choir.Uplifting and inspirational. Melodic, sweet, glowing, warm, ethereal, beautiful, paradise, vacation, relaxing, peaceful, happy, spiritual, close to nature, dreamy, atmospheric, pleasant, thoughtful, mindful, magical, angelic, pleasure, simple things, happiness.

Description: Adorable chillout music track based on sweet dwelling pianos, cool chirpy synths and arpeggios and a reverse drum background with an inca flute interlude

Description: Racy and powerful guitar based trance music.Inspiring and energetic. Clean synths and arpeggios

Description: Relaxing chillout track with electric space guitars and subtle tones of mallet and elctronica.

Description: Uplifting techno trance with chillout elements. Xylophone and marimba filled percusssion and beats. Cool lead synth with a touch of romance and youth

Description: Psychedelic trance film score with subtle fx and beats. Best choice for soundtracks with a contemplative theme delvering a touc of mystery and emotion

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