Description: A classic dubstep tune with raging basses, synths, and wobbles.

Description: an upbeat, driven, all out rock jam of everyone’s classic favorite, Jingle Bells.

Description: Heavy dubstep tune with a synth driven intro and a wild drop.

Description: a truly beautiful reproduction of the holiday classic, silent night. complete with sleigh bells, strings, and more

Description: this is a melodic dubstep influenced track with electronic synths and wobble bass. great for intensifying the situation!

Description: Easy listening tune with a taste of the holidays in mind.

Description: electro dubstep with wild synths and wobbles

Description: Epic, cinematic, orchestral score with strings, brass, choir, piano, and Eastern / African percussion. Great for expressing strength or victory.

Description: This acoustic jingle is perfect for a long car ride on a sunny day. windows down and relaxation up! A soothing jam with catchy acoustic guitar leads

Description: indie chill wave jam with crunchy drums, smooth guitar, and electronic sounds

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