Description: This retro, video game-inspired piece would be ideal as introduction, jingle or identifier music for game and video projects.

Description: This simple hard rock loop would be ideal for projects making extreme sports montages that may need music assets to meet a variable timeline.

Description: This dark and primitive electronic piece would be ideal for projects looking to imitate low-budget horror movies from the 1970s and 80s.

Description: This ambient jazz loop would be useful for projects looking for music assets to illustrate film noir or detective mystery parodies.

Description: This effect imitates the sound of a single knock on what could be imagined as the large barrier doors of a church, castle or other large and cavernous structure.

Description: This sound effect would be useful for any project looking for a simple, standard digital phone ring.

Description: This quick game failure sound effect would be ideal for projects looking for a silly sample to be triggered when a player dies, loses or otherwise is unsuccessful.

Description: This happy, upbeat loop could be useful for commercial projects that are geared toward children or that are looking to maintain a positive tone.

Description: This funky, bit-crushed loop is reminiscent of early video game soundtracks and would be ideal as map or background music for various game projects.

Description: This sample uses two bell sounds playing the same scale in unison to achieve an effect ideal for game or animation situations in which a character discovers a treasure or uncovers a mystery.

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