Description: The king's domain is prospering, the castle yard is crowded with ladies, nobel knights, traders, jokers, the market is full of customers, the peasants are happy with the harvest, the life is flowing smoothly and calmly. This beautiful relaxed medieval folk loop is a great background for a computer game, website, podcast, or thematical video presentation.

Description: A scary and mind-blowing atmosphere of a mental asylum. Suitable as a background for Halloween horror parties, and presentations, video installations, film or computer games.

Description: A funny acoustic loop, suitable for any kind of funny video or childrens game, party, slapstick comedy, etc.

Description: Sound of male boots upon hard metal floor. Running. Perfect sound for RPG, action shooter computer games, or cartoons and animation

Description: A mellow and simple corporate track with piano and acoustic guitar, written in major key. Very generic and catchy melody makes the piece useful for any advertisement, website, audio visual presentation, business promo video etc.

Description: This country/western acoustic guitar loop is inspired by western/gangster movies and may be suitable for any film, video or advertisement on similar topics.

Description: An abstract ambient composition suitable for websites, films or computer games. This is the kind of music which describes an empty open space or the feeling of emptiness.

Description: Energetic and funny loop suitable for any film, video, computer game, children's game or party, comedy etc.

Description: Water trickling from a roof, rainy weather, by the road

Description: Tree stems squeaking in gusts of wind. Mixed forest.

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