Description: Upbeat & energetic electro tech house instrumental track. Bright, pumping dance / electronic music with deep house beats and electro buzz / fuzz synth patches. Suitable for technology, ad, app, corporate, multimedia application.

Description: High tech, Deep house! Crisp & sleek electronic house / dance / techno instrumental track. Deep subby bass grooves, topped with bright interwoven synth lines. Energetic, upbeat and a bit dark.

Description: Dramatic, emergency instrumental music. Features epic & serious glockenspiel melodic rhythms. News, documentary, serious accident / incident vibe.

Description: Happy & jolly with childlike wonder. Positive, lighthearted and upbeat instrumental track with fun, playful melodic adventures. Suitable music for children educational, tv, animation, presentation, app

Description: Hi-tech & Energetic tech/house instrumental. Positive, upbeat and motivational with deep pulsing bass drum and warm melodic traces of trance synth sounds.

Description: Relaxed Sunny Hip Hop inspired instrumental with positive upbeat summer sunshine vibes. Background, music bed !

Description: Epic, motivational and positive instrumental track. Playful, optimistic & carefree vacation vibe with driving momentum. Get

Description: Upbeat & organic technology instrumental track. Features friendly glockenspiel, piano, organ, subtle drum kit. Wholesome repetitive hi-tech folk for music bed, background or tv advert.

Description: Positive & epic instrumental with a motivational / Technology / corporate vibe. Features glockenspiel, xylophone, piano, guitar, drum kit, bass & strings. Percussive, happy and inspiring.

Description: Positive, upbeat and motivational instrumental track. Featuring, warm descending melodic organ, piano, woodblock embellishments, light drum kit and xylophone.

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